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Most window cleaners don't start out as a WFPer, they usually start out as a traditional window cleaner first. Of course though, this isn’t always the case.

If you are changing over from doing your round using traditional methods you will need to consider a couple of things.

1.You should probably inform your customers of the new method you’ll be using to clean their windows. You may encounter some resistance from people who won’t be convinced the WFP method will work. They may wish you to keep doing their windows, but only with a bucket and a ladder. It will be up to you how you deal with these customers.

2.You may also need to inform the customer that their windows may spot after the 1st time WFP, because of the soap residue that has built up over the years that the pure water is trying to shift.

3.You could inform them of the benefits of WFPing, such as reduced risk to your health. Although, domestic customers probably won’t be overly concerned by this benefit.

4. You could pass them off with some other supposed benefits, e.g. WFPing should keep the windows looking cleaner for longer, WFPing does a more thorough job, WFPing doesn’t infringe health and safety laws.

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