Keeping Track of Your Round
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Once you start getting a lot of customers you will not be able to remember who you are supposed to clean next and who has paid and who needs collecting. It is imperitive that you have a reliable way of keeping track of your round.


Some window cleaners use a program called George that does it all for you. This is very good if you have built up a very large round with employees, vehicles and lots of things to keep track of. It is also good if you simply don't want the headache of having to write it all down.

For a small to medium-sized round where you're the only employee you will probably be able to get by by writing it all down inside a book like I do, although I have been considering getting George as a lot of window cleaners I know think it is very good.



My Way

The way I do it is I have seperate pages for each day and each day has a number, day 1, day 2, day 3, etc, going all the way to Day 20.

Having a round that is made up of 20 days means I will be working a five-day week (Mon- Fri) for four weeks before I start back at day 1 again. This makes up my monthly round.

I have the details of each customer written down under the day in which they belong. Name, address, Price and whether they want them cleaning monthly or bi-monthly. There might also be additional info like a phone number in case I have to ring them about their back gate.


Remember Who Owes You Dough

You'll need to write down who owes you money. When you clean windows you may find there is nobody there to pay you because they're out at work, shopping, etc. Next to their name in my window cleaning book I put a c with a circle round it to show that that particular customer owes me a payment. Once you have collected make sure you put a cross through the c to indicate they have paid.



You will find you get quite a lot of these and remembering which ones you did last month and which ones you did the month before will be difficult. You'll need to write the date of when they are due in your book. I use the calendar in my mobile phone and count eight weeks from the day I did them to the day when they need doing again and write it down next to their details in my book.


And that's pretty much it, as you can see it's fairly straightforward and doesn't require a massive amount of intelligence.



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