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Windows that are located above a sloped roof are one of the main thorns in the window cleaner’s side, and unfortunately there is no single answer to this conundrum, unless you happen to have a water fed pole.

If you are a traditional window cleaner however, then you just have to approach each one of these headaches individually.  


Just Stand on the Sod

You can just stand on the sloped roof. When doing this though there are four things you need to consider.

a. Is the angle of the roof shallow enough to allow you to safely stand on it?

b. Is the roof covered in a slippery substance? Algae, moss, rainwater and ice can all contribute to the slipperiness of a roof and thus contribute to you slipping off of it.

c. Are the tiles that small, delicate type that will just break if you stand on them? The larger ones are less likely to break but even they can sometimes.

d. Is the roof covered in the old-fashioned slates? Slates again will most likely break if you stand on them. You have to remember that if you break tiles or slates on a roof, the roof then stands a good chance of springing a leak.

Tip: If you do decide to get up on a sloped-tiled roof, spread your weight by keeping each of your feet over two tiles at the same time. This will mean when standing on the roof your weight will be spread across four tiles instead of two.


Ladder Skills

Another strategy you can employ instead of standing on the roof, is that you could angle and extend your ladders in such a way that you place the top of your ladders above the window you intend to clean, either leaning it on the fascia, gutter, or brick wall of the house. You can then reach through the ladder to clean the window.

One major problem with this tactic is that if the sloped roof juts out a long way from the main body of the house, you will have to place your ladders at too shallow an angle, and there’s a good chance your ladders will slip out on you.



Another tactic you could use is to take your traditional window cleaning pole and either clean the window from the ground with it, or lean your ladders against the sloped roof, climb up to where the sloped roof begins, and while standing on your ladder, use your pole from there.

I personally find the latter pole cleaning method better as you can get more leverage with your squeegee onto the glass.


Give Up

Finally, if you feel there is no way to clean the windows above a sloped roof safely and efficiently, then you will simply have to tell the customer that you won’t be able to do those particular windows.



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