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Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

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1. Your Feet remain firmly on the Ground: This has two obvious benefits, a) You are less likely to injury yourself window cleaning because you won’t have a ladder to fall off. b) You are more likely to win large commercial work because of the increased health and safety aspect of WFPs.

2. WFPing is usually faster than Traditional Window Cleaning: Because of this you can potentially earn more money. This, in my opinion is the single most important benefit of having a WFP.

3. Less Tiring: Overall WFPing is less physically strenuous when compared to traditional window cleaning.

4. Pure Water keeps Windows Cleaner for Longer: Although I feel this is debatable. Many WFP proponents claim the windows cleaned by pure water stay cleaner for longer, because the detergents used in traditional window cleaning actually leave an invisible film upon a window which attracts dirt. However, I’ve seen windows cleaned by myself using traditional methods that still look close to immaculate despite having not been cleaned for over two months. I wonder whether the cleaner windows for longer claim made by WFPers, is really just a sales gimmick. If there is a difference I doubt if it’s all that substantial.

5. Pure Water gets Windows Cleaner: Again I'm a non-believer. Yes WFP's get windows clean, but I don't believe they do an any better job than an experienced and conscientious traditional window cleaner. The way I see it, is if a window is spotless it's spotless. You can't get a window and its associated frame and sill, any cleaner than clean. Maybe WFP's get windows cleaner on a microscopic, sub-atomic level that is invisible to the naked eye, but then does that really matter as the customer will only be using their eyes to look at them, not a microscope.

6. Work Higher: One of the great things about WFP's is that they can extend up to 65ft. This is a lot higher than you'd be able to work with just a ladder. WFP's that can extend this far means that cleaning very high windows becomes a lot simpler. Jobs that traditional window cleaners would have to pass over, or use elaborate methods to clean like a cherrypicker, can be handled comfortably by the WFPer. Also, you may have noticed a lot of new estates that are being built are being built to second-storey height (second -storey being the level above ground floor and first-storey). While a traditional window cleaner can work at second-storey height, many of them don't want to because it's scary, and if they fall they're going to be in a world of pain.

7. Sloped Roofs: Cleaning windows that are located above a sloped roof can often be an extremely tricky task for the traditional window cleaner. For the WFPer though, they shouldn't pose as much of a problem.

8. Improves Arm Strength: You can look better in a t-shirt.

9. Working in Rain: I personally think you can work in light rain as a traditional window cleaner, but many customers won't like it. With a WFP you should be better able to convince them the rain won't affect the window.

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