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You might be asking why do you need to use pure water to clean windows with a WFP? The reason is because in regular tap water there are minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Now while this water is fine to drink it won't be very useful for a WFP window cleaner. That is because when you clean windows with a WFP you'll be leaving them wet. When regular tap water dries on a window it will cover it in white smears, these white smears will be the impurities in the water sitting on the glass.

If you are a traditional window cleaner you don’t have this issue because you squeegee the water and the detergent you will have put in the water off the window. You won’t be leaving the windows wet.

The question you’ll now be asking is how does one go about changing regular tap water into pure water? For the answer visit my Water Filtration/Purification page.

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