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The Drawbacks of Being a Window Cleaner

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Ladder Safety


Canvassing/Getting Customers


Pricing Up Jobs

Window Cleaning Technique

Sloped Roofs

Repetitive Strain Injury


Record Keeping/Paying the Tax Man


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Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

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How to Place an Advert


Below I'm going to explain how you can place an advert on here for your website, company or products. I can’t offer this service for free unfortunately, like everyone else I’ve got to make a living. 



This is the pricing structure. I think it’s priced fairly reasonably, I know some people would wish I did it for free, but then there wouldn’t be much in it for me if that was the case, so sorry. All prices are in UK pounds sterling.


3 months = £50.00    

6 months = £75.00    

12 months = £125.00


I will take your advert down after the allotted time you’ve paid for runs out. You can pay again beforehand though to make sure your advert has no downtime.


What you need to do is email me a few things:

  1. Exactly what you would like to place on this website
  2. Where you want to place your advert on this website
  3. Any Image/Jpeg/Gif that you would like to place on this website
  4. The Url (web address) you want your advert to link to.


Here is my email address:


Before I begin placing your advert on here, I will need to receive a payment from you via one of these two ways:

Bank Transfer

You can pay by a Direct Bank Transfer to my British bank account in UK pounds sterling

I'll email you my account details after we have agreed the details of your advert


Or you can use PayPal

Alternatively you could pay me on PayPal. This may be the easier option, particularly for those that don’t live in the UK.

You pay to this email address:



Bottom Line

So there it is, if you would like to advertise on here, just follow the steps above and everything should hopefully run smoothly. I'm an honest business person, and amateur web designer, so you can trust me not to rip you off and deal with your advert professionally. I'd like this website and business to be a success, and I know I won't get very far by being dishonest.

Thanks from Dave Jenvey


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