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The Benefits of Being a Window Cleaner

The Drawbacks of Being a Window Cleaner

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1. You Have The Power: You no longer have some tyrant of a boss breathing down your neck every day

2.Flexibility: Because you're the boss and can choose when you work, you no longer have to go to your chief and get down on your knees to beg for a day off.

4. Don't Take Any Grief: If you get a customer that is giving you hassle, no problem, just drop them and get another one. As a window cleaner you should never take any crap from anybody ever. Taking crap is for those sad, lowly employees at your old place of work.

5. Hard Work Pays Off For Once: When you work hard your bank balance see's the rewards, a drastic change from regular employment. Your hard work is making money for you rather than someone else. That someone else who is making big money off your hard labour will be your tyrant of a boss. Why on Earth would you want to put money in his already oversized wallet?

6. Bit Boring But: Window cleaning is boring, although there are many factory and labouring jobs out there that I would say from first-hand experience are far more tedious. And window cleaning isn't nearly as soul-destroying as some of them either.

7. Live longer: Postpone that impending heart attack for a few more years. Once you know what you're doing and have your round sorted, window cleaning is a stress free occupation, and I actually find window cleaning on rare occassions to be quite satisfying and emotionally therapeutic. And all that fresh air and physical exertion must also be good for you as well.

8. Decent Money: It is possible to earn fairly good money. Obviously if you're currently bringing in a six-figure salary I wouldn't advise becoming a window cleaner because it's unlikely you'll be able to make that kind of income.

9. Free Drinks: You get offered lots of cups of coffee and tea.

10. Stupid Colleagues: When you work in a regular job your brainless co-workers can often do your head in and regrettably you just have to put up with their gibberish. If you employ people on your window cleaning round and they start spouting nonsense, sack them and get somebody else who isn't quite so intolerable.

11. The Risk is Spread Out: Once you develop a substantial round you can rest assurred that you have a solid income that is never going to let you down. You may lose a few customers here and there for whatever reason, they move, they die, they lose their job and can't pay you etc, etc, but because you'll have so many customers if you lose a couple it doesn't really hurt you much.

However, if you have only have a few big commercial contracts instead of lots of small domestics then the risk won't be spread out. That's why I think it's always a good idea to have a mix of commerical and domestic even though the serious money is in commercial work.



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