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It is probably better to have the water filtration equipment located in a garage or shed if you can.

  1. It will save space inside your van.
  2. Your garage will be warmer than your van and this will prevent your equipment from being frozen in times of cold weather.
  3. I heard pure water production is also more efficient at warmer temperatures.
  4. You can produce pure water 24/7 if need be, and because of this you can always return to your garage to refill your vans tank if it runs out of water during the day.


Some people will have their RO system in their garage and then a DI system in their van. The reason for this is because if they run out of water while at work, they’ll be able to hook up to a customers tap and produce more pure water quickly. Although, if they are in a hard water area, they’ll wear out their resin fast.


Van Filtration

One benefit of having your entire purification system in your van is that you’ll always be able to purify water while on site, as long as you have access to a tap.

I like most water fed pole window cleaners, have my entire system in my van. It is an absolute pain though having to put a heater in the van overnight during cold winter nights. Incidentally I use an electric greenhouse heater with a fan to push the heat around the van, and a thermostat to keep the temperature in the van above freezing.

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