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The Benefits of Being a Window Cleaner

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Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

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You’ll need to decide whether you’ll be using a van, trailer, trolley or backpack, or a combination of them. Most WFPers have a van mount.


Can hold a lot of water, depending on size and payload of van.
Has good security, locks, immobiliser, etc.



Can hold a lot of water.
Not as expensive as a van.
Can be towed by a regular car.
Good if you do more than one type of work. You can keep window cleaning gear in trailer and pressure washing stuff in van.
More easily stolen than a van.
More complicated to park and manoeuvre.
Not as fast to drive as a van.
Not as fast to work with as van because of increased complications of unhitching.
More complicated to insure.



Relatively cheap way to start with WFPing.
Enables access to places where you might not be able to go with a van-mounted or trailer-mounted system.
Runs out of water fast.
Maybe hard getting it in and out of van.
On soft ground it might become difficult to manoeuvre.

One really good thing about trolley systems is that they can double up as a van-mounted system. You can have a large tank in your van with a hundred metres of microbore hose, and use the trolley to pump the water from the van to your pole. Then, when required on awkward jobs, you can unload the trolley from the van and use it just as a regular trolley system.



This can be a useful thing to have in the back of your van. Unfortunately you’ll only be able to clean a small number of windows with it. So, because of this it will be useless if you intend to do a whole days work with it. The reason though that they can be useful is because they are good for that particularly awkward window that you can’t access either with traditional methods or your regular van-mounted WFP. They are also relatively cheap. If you have any issues with your back though, it might not be a good idea to have one as they can be quite heavy.

WFP Advantages
WFP Disadvantages
WFP or Traditional Window Cleaning?
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