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Gale Force Winds

The windows cleaners greatest enemy isn't the rain, ice, or even Dog attack, the greatest enemy is the wind. Working in high winds with a set of ladders or even a Water Fed Pole is very dangerous and under no circumstances should it be undertaken.


Working in icy conditions is also dangerous because it increases the chances of ladder slippage or you slipping off someone’s roof. Sometimes however you may need to work when it is very cold because in winter you can get frosty weather for weeks on end. Having someone to foot your ladder or using a rojak ladder stopper will be a good idea. You may also need to add some methylated spirit, or other form of alcohol to the water in your bucket to stop the water freezing on the glass. I personally never work on snow, but I do work in icy, sub-zero conditions.


Working in the rain is only slightly dangerous but mainly it's just demoralising. Sometimes you have to work in the rain, particularly in England where if you stopped every time it rained you'd never make a living. A few customers won't like you working in the rain because they feel the rain makes the windows dirty. In fact it's dirt that makes windows dirty not the rain, but anyway, working in the rain is best avoided because it is misery.

Tip: If you do plan on working in the rain make sure you always have a waterproof jacket in your car, there's no point in giving yourself a cold and then not being able to work for the next three days.

You are at the mercy of the weather and it can be very frustrating, especially when you've phoned a load of customers the night before telling them you'll be coming round the next day, only to wake up in the morning and look outside to see it's blowing a gale.

Weather Forecasts

Weather forecasts I've found are poor at best, they sometimes get it right but it's very hit and miss. If you run your business based on the reports by the weatherman you may find your business going down the toilet. The best thing to do is to look outside and size it up, if it looks terrible give it a miss that day.


Not in the Winter Brigade

You will get some customers who will say they don't want their windows cleaned in the Winter because of the bad weather. Why people think like this I don't understand, windows need cleaning in the Winter just as much as they do in the Summer. If your customer wants to drop you over the Winter no problem, drop them instead and get a good customer who wants you all the year round because you will, like everybody else still have to pay bills through the Winter.

On the other hand, because it gets dark around 4.00pm in the winter, you might want to have a number of customers that you only do in the summer because you can work longer days in the summer months.





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