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As long as your water has been purified properly, window cleaning with a water fed pole is straight forward.

On first cleans though where the windows are particularly dirty you’ll need to be careful and take your time.

At my company we try to do all first cleans with traditional methods, simply because I believe the water fed pole is a bit useless on first cleans.


Scrubbing Top Frame

On first cleans in particular, it is a good idea to concentrate your scrubbing on the top frame first. This is because a lot of dirt will often be located there, and after you think you’ve cleaned a window, dirt from the top frame will drip down onto your sparkling clean window making it dirty again. Some WFP guys on first cleans like to go round giving all the frames a good scrub and rinse first before tackling the glass.  

First Cleans are always a pain whether you’re traditional or WFP, so try not to get too disheartened by them. And remember that they almost always take an awful lot longer than second cleans.


WFPing Made Easy

I like to approach WFP window cleaning in these simple stages.

1. Scrub top frame and top of the window.

2. Scrub entire glass and frame, being careful to make sure you don’t miss any of it.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 (I like to do a double scrub on my windows, it takes more time but gives more consistent results).

4. Rinse window thoroughly, starting from the top frame all the way down to the sill. Rinsing is very important so make sure you don’t skimp on it. Lastly, wipe off the sill.


For stubborn stains like dried-on bird excrement, you might want to give it a good soak and scrub first, leave it for five minutes, then come back to it to give it another go.



Try to avoid vents on window frames. If you get water in them they'll drip dirty water for ages.

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