Water Fed Poles vs Traditional
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Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

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Many water fed pole window cleaners will continually bang on about how WFPing is in every regard vastly superior to the ‘old way.’ They might say how a traditional window cleaner is in actual fact a cowboy for even contemplating using a set of ladders. They might even say that for a person to clean windows upon a set of ladders is downright criminal, and that they should be promptly placed inside a straitjacket.

On the other hand your traditional window cleaner may refer to the WFPer, as nothing more than a wielder of an elongated toilet brush; and that in reality the ol’ skool way of doing things is how it should be done. The traditional window cleaner may even venture to say that the WFPer is really just a coward who’s afraid of heights, and is simply looking for an easy option.

There exists of course that more intelligent breed of window cleaner (like myself) who can recognise the benefits and importance of both methods.

A large number of window cleaners will start out traditional because of the low start-up cost, but then progress onto the WFP after they’ve built up a good-sized round and once their finances allow it. Yet, the skills they learnt as a traditional window cleaner will prove invaluable, because they will more than likely still require those traditional skills for the jobs/windows that simply aren’t suited for WFPing.

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