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There are four main types of pole you can use for WFP work:
1. Fibreglass
2. Aluminium
3. Carbon Fibre
4. Carbon Kevlar

Choosing which one is right for you, comes down to how high the windows will be that you’ll be cleaning, how much money you have, and what characteristics you are looking for in a pole.

These are the cheapest option.
Not really much use over 30ft as they become too heavy and flexible.
Tend to wear out fairly quickly.

More expensive than fibreglass.
Long lasting if looked after properly.
Over 45ft they become too flexible.

Carbon Fibre
More expensive than aluminium
Long lasting if looked after properly
Can be used up to 60ft
Quite heavy

Carbon Kevlar
Most Expensive
Good up to 60ft and remain rigid
Same weight as aluminium


When buying a pole another thing you need to consider is how you are going to fit it in your van/trailer. Will your van/trailer be long enough to hold the particular pole you are thinking of buying.

I personally use Gardiner poles. At my company we have two 18ft carbon fibre poles and one 50ft carbon fibre pole. The two 18 footers reach most windows, and if we have some really high ones the big 50 footer is always in the van.


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